Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Time to Hang-Out; Two Live Interviews by Sarah Willis Coming your Way

What is a live hang-out? It is an opportunity to join a group of people who span the globe who have tuned in to listen to Sarah Willis interview a cutting edge, and/or legendary classical musician. Willis has the knack for getting beyond quick-search information. She is able to bring out a wide range of colors and personality in the folks that she engages. She also takes a wide selection of questions from the live chat; so if you ask a good question it is likely to be asked! I have made it a habit to tune in and each interview has been worthwhile. Coming up this week:

Frøydis Ree Wekre January 24th 8am NYC (2pm Berlin). Frøydis is a legendary horn player who is best known for her work with the Oslo Philharmonic Orchestra over a 30 year period ending in 1991. On the lighter side of her long list of honors: She was the recipient of a wonderful surprise birthday greeting from the Hornisten der Berliner Philharmoniker in June 2011 that is on YouTube and is filled with good cheer (and good groove).

On Saturday Jan 26th 8am NYC (2pm Berlin) Barbara Hannigan will talk about “Performing Onstage and Music Communication.” Hannigan is well represented in the archive of the digital concert hall with three performances; most recently one of the “Late Night Series” where she performed the Henze’s work “Being Beauteous,” and the Walton Façade. She is a charismatic performer but I have never heard her interviewed so I look forward to this hang-out.

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