Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Sarah Willis to Interview Trumpet Virtuoso Håkan Hardenberger

The first live interview in 2013 in the continuing series hosted by Sarah Willis will happen tomorrow at 8am here on the US East Coast. Sarah will be speaking with the Swedish trumpet virtuoso Håkan Hardenberger live on her website. Hardenberger has extended the repertoire for the trumpet by inspiring works by composers like Arvo Pärt, Hans Werner Henze, and Sir Harrison Birtwistle. HK Gruber’s 1999 concerto "Aerial," also written for and performed by Hardenberger is showing up all over the place these days.

I have tuned-in these live interviews over the past month or so, and would strongly recommend them. The audience comments are warm and informative and Willis has significant skill in keeping topics on track and finding her way to topics that have broad appeal. Pass information to the folks you know in the new music crowd...the interview tomorrow figures to be one they will be happy to have discovered.

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