Monday, October 25, 2010

The Organ is not Giving Satisfaction...An expression of Outrage from 1902

I have a large collection of original letters written to the Everhart Organ and Piano Company at 113 South George Street in York, Pennsylvania, during the year 1902. They are letters from people complaining that the instrument that they bought didn't work properly, was not being serviced, or they simply could not make payments any longer.

I find them charming and funny.

They also reveal something about the nature of how frustration and outrage was expressed in a time when communication took much longer than frustration and outrage.

If you are interested in these I will post more of them.

The letter in the photograph was written on Thursday, November 6, 1902 by William E Armacost. After the first semi-colon it is completely lacking in punctuation--which expresses the problem as a continuous stream of frustration. After the opening salutation the words Organ, Agent and Money are capitalized for emphasis.

Mr Everhart and Bros;
Dear Sir in regards
to the Organ it is not
giving satfaction because
there is one key loose on
the bass and it clatters
you can here it all over
the house please send
your Agent at once
and fix it acording
to the contract then I
will give him some
Money on it

Yours Truly

William E. Armacost


  1. Could you please send someone over to check out a problem I am having....?

    Would love to read more. I know not that particular organ company. Have a wonderful old poster advertising the Mason and Hamlin organs hanging in my music room. Once owned a gorgeous old pump organ. Opened up and worked on it almost to the day it celebrated its 100th birthday!

  2. Dear Anonymous,

    We will send our technician right over!
    Thanks for stopping by the labyrinth! I will post another this evening.

  3. Awesome. My name is George D. Everhart III. The Everhart Organ and Piano company was operated by my Great Grandfathers brothers in York, Pa. If these letters are digitized I would love to have a copy. My email address is


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