Saturday, December 14, 2013

December in Good Cheer; A Family Concert in The Digital Concert Hall

In December we are drawn inward as daylight hours decrease and cold weather challenges us. It is hard to believe, looking out at our favorite trees and our sleeping gardens, that they could ever return to those rich colors we remember.
Inward is good. But to balance, we often feel need to celebrate in various ways during this season, to have some chuckles and to be entertained.

Two good opportunities:

The Strings and Percussionists of The Berliner Philharmoniker will present a Family Concert called "Stringle Bells" in the Digital Concert Hall (4pm Berlin time, which is 10am on the East Coast of the US). This event, hosted by presenter Sarah Willis, is sure to please.

After the concert you may be in the mood for a snack. There is no better musical snack than the show Prelude & Food, also hosted by Willis, which I have written about here. The series combines cooking with musical conversation, impromptu performances and cheer, and has just released a new episode featuring conductor Donald Runnicles.

More thoughts on the wonders of December from this blog featuring music by Tchaikovsky and observations by the English writer Nicholas Breton (1545-1626).

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