Sunday, September 8, 2013

Shilkloper and Wallendorf open a new season of Horn Hangouts

 This month marks the one-year anniversary of Horn Hangouts!

Sarah Willis has succeeded in making these live chats a forum and educational opportunity for the horn community, but also a welcoming and engaging place for musicians and music lovers with broader  interests.

Sarah's website lists 21 musicians who are scheduled for this season,  with an amazing roster of brass players, but also including many other musicians, like esteemed baritone Thomas Hampson, and conductors Daniel Harding and Paavo Järvi.

On Monday the new season opens by "hanging out" with Arkady Shilkloper. The event begins at 3pm EST (9pm Berlin, and 5am on the 10th for the dedicated Australian following this series has won).

Shilkloper has a pioneer spirit. You are only a few searches away from hearing him improvise with jazzers, or play alphorn for an amazed gathering in Australia. In this clip from Russian television called "Duet for One," he hums a theme while playing fast figural variations at the same time.

On Tuesday, Sarah will interview her colleague Klaus Wallendorf. Wallendorf is articulate and witty. He has a unique and lively personality, and is also a brilliant musician and gifted composer and arranger. It is almost unfair. Here is a very representative clip of Sarah and him:


I have never tried chess without dice but wonder if it is anything like craps without rooks.

Don't miss Wallendorf. The interview will be 9am EST (3pm Berlin, and 11pm in Australia).

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