Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Jezierski, Griffin, and Tryon will be interviewed by Sarah Willis in Live Hangouts

Sarah Willis will host a new round of "live hangouts" on her website later this week. These events have created a significant buzz among fans of live digital events and are essential viewing for students and music lovers.

On Thursday May 9 (9am EST) Willis will be interviewing long-time member of the Berliner Philharmoniker horn section Stefan de Leval Jezierski. Jezierski has been with the orchestra since 1978. Check out this video clip, probably from the late 80s, in which you can observe both Jezierski and oboist Andreas Wittmann performing that gorgeous Dvorak Serenade Op. 44:

Friday May 10 (9am EST) is officially low horn day. Willis will be talking with David Griffin, longtime member of the Chicago Symphony, and Denise Tryon from The Philhadelphia Orchestra.

I will tune in to both events. Willis is very generous in asking questions from the live chat so come prepared!!

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