Monday, April 1, 2013

Sarah Willis to Interview Soprano Anna Prohaska

Anna Prohaska is a singer with a story. "I suppose one could explain this yearning for fantasy," she mused in the trailer for her new Archiv Production Disc. "There is a yearning for the supernatural because everything can be explained." Prohaska has reconnected us with an "Enchanted Forest," the title of her latest CD.

An artist with a broad portfolio of interests, this disc brings a culturally relevant ache and a young attitude to Baroque repertoire. While not alone in this endeavor, Prohaska is a singer with credentials who continues to impress.

Sarah Willis will interview Prohaska on her live chat site on April 2nd at 9pm Berlin/ 3pm New York/ 7am Melbourne. These Willis interviews are "must see" events. They combine an artful sense of personal communication with a live chat audience that is informed and frequently entertaining.

Willis has interviewed several legends of the horn world on her site, but the site also includes successful chats with other kinds of musicians. Willis has a very natural journalistic sense. Her live chat with soprano Barbara Hannigan last January was an outstanding example of how insightful the process can can watch that interview here.

I will tune in to watch on Tuesday.  Join me.

"Within these strict structures," said Prohaska of the Baroque style on her new disc, "there is a lot of freedom." The same thing seems true of the technology used to initiate these new enterprises, these chats, these electronic connections.

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