Monday, March 11, 2013

A Masterclass not to be Missed--Sarah Willis at Royal Academy of Music

Masterclasses are important to classical musicians. They provide an opportunity for students to break away from their comfort zone by playing for someone that they do not know well, someone who will give them new perspectives and fresh ideas.

Masterclasses are often inspiring. They are filled with the spirit of youth, but students display professional level skills, fearsome confidence, and eloquent grace even under the pressure of the circumstance. Most masterclasses are private--only a particular studio is allowed to view and observe the process. Public masterclasses tend to remain intimate and are often wonderful opportunities to gather insights about how pedagogy differs among various musicians.

We have all been invited to a unique masterclass on Thursday, March 14. This masterclass is not only public, it will be broadcast over the Internet. Sarah Willis will be giving a live horn masterclass at the Royal Academy of Music (14:30 London, 15:30 Berlin, 10:30 New York, 01:30 Melbourne). The class will be transmitted over her Live Hangout website, which has hosted a treasure of live interviews over the past several months with legendary horn players and other intriguing musicians and instrument makers.

I will be among those who will tune-in. Willis has created an environment where one can expect to be engaged, and I look forward to having the opportunity to observe her at work as a teacher. 

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