Monday, February 18, 2013

Two New Hangouts; Sarah Willis to Interview Wolfgang Vlader and Fergus McWilliam

This week in the Sarah Willis Live Hangout Interview Series, Willis will be talking with Wolfgang Vladar, 3rd Horn in the Vienna Philharmonic. That interview will be on Wednesday, February 20th at 9pm Vienna, which will be 3pm here on the east coast. This will be a rare opportunity to get learn about that enigmatic but unique sound of the Vienna Philharmonic horn section. The technical expertise of Willis guides her ability to open discourse with the folks she interviews.

On Friday the 22nd at 9pm Vienna, (once again 3pm here on the east coast) Willis will interview Fergus McWilliam; a legendary horn player with an identifiable presence instantly recognizable by fans of the the Berliner Philharmoniker. His book, “Blow Your Own Horn”is not as readily available as I would like to see it become, but I look forward to reading in the near future.

Tune in to both of the live chats if you can schedule them. Willis is responsive to questions from participants and there is a friendly and engaging community that have have become regulars of the live events. Please join us! I recommend these live chats highly. They are informative and colorful and a way of learning about horn section from insiders.

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