Monday, November 8, 2010

Two Free Paper Pianos; The perfect gift for the musician who has everything

Archie McPhee has a legendary collection of strange, eccentric, and wtf gifts. Their slogan: "slightly less disappointing than other companies."

Well nothing disappointing about their paper pianos. They are free, need no tuning, and with a color printer and a little assembly they are sure to please. There is a page of "Insert Tab D into Slot D"--type can handle that, right?

For your amusement consider: The Paper Clavichord or The Paper Grand.

The paper grand even has a desk with the score of the Pathétique sonata opened up and ready to play.

Once you have these beauties assembled you may feel the need to hire the action figures who play these paper instruments. Once again--Archie McPhee comes to the rescue with action figures of Bach, Beethoven, Mozart, and yes, Wagner.

The Wagner action figure comes with its own conducting baton, so no need to worry about that...

Spend some time looking through the rest of their site. Like me you have at least one person in your life who really needs some of this stuff.


  1. That IS amazing! I love the paper grand piano. I've been looking for that "perfect gift for the musician who has everything." Thanks! ;)

    -Lady D

  2. Love those McPhee action figures. If only more kids would play with those instead of He-man!


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